World class communication from Windhoek   


Telling stories in Namibia means communicating with diverse audiences – a challenge for any communicator, but one we like to think we have mastered. We are based in Windhoek but have experience in many countries in sub-Saharan Africa. 

In  1998, cameras began rolling at Mubasen, a name taken from Khoekhoegowab meaning “see for yourself”. Simon started the company in Namibia to help tell the stories that needed to be told after independence. Today, Mubasen as a communication agency combines the passion of the struggle with top-end international communication experience.

Mubasen works with a closely knit network of partners to cover all communication needs.

Ina Neuberger Wilkie

Ina has comprehensive knowledge in strategic communication and organizational development. She ran her own communications company and worked on management boards of leading German communication agencies, consulting clients from finance, health, food, tourism, infrastructure and consumer brands.

Ina is passionate about telling stories of complex issues that reach people’s hearts and minds. She produces a wide range of communication measures including films, articles, brochures, and books.

She has been working in the field of environmental policy across Africa since 2011 as a freelance consultant for the World Future Council, a foundation based in Hamburg, Germany. She leads the foundation’s projects on sustainable ecosystems and food security in Africa. In Namibia, this means engaging with the City of Windhoek on food and nutrition security. Ina is part of a team that runs Farm Okukuna, an urban Permaculture farm in Goreangab. It is an experimentation and training site on how to grow food in informal settlements, fostering urban subsistence farming as well as entrepreneurship, especially for women. 

    Cathy Amutenya

    Cathy is a young Namibian with over five years of work experience in the media and NGO sectors. She holds an Honours graduate in Communication Studies from the Namibian University of Science and Technology (NUST).  

    She is a digital native with experience in social media campaign design and day to day management. Cathy enjoys organising events and interacting with journalists. 

    Before joining Mubasen, she worked as an intern for the GIZ/ MAWF Bush Control and Biomass Utilisation project. 


    Simon Wilkie

    Mubasen’s founder Simon Wilkie plays an important part in shaping Namibian filmmaking – as established cinematographer / director of photography and camera operator. Connecting with local people and finding their stories is his strength. Many Namibian TV makers have learned their craft in Simon’s classes at the College of Arts.

    Simon has a post graduate diploma in Screen Arts and Sciences – Cinematography from the National Film & Television School, Beaconsfield. He graduated with That Fire Within, a documentary shot in Omusati, Namibia together with Dutch filmmaker Jet Homoet. The filmmaking challenges and opportunities in Namibia kept calling him back and in 1996 he made Namibia his home.