World class communication from Windhoek   

Campaigns and PR

Campaigns are multi-dimensional strategies that reach across target audiences, messages, and time. You have news but are unsure how you can tell that story in different channels? We can develop a campaign with you, support you with communication tools, and train and consult your staff to get that message out. 


Mubasen started as a film production company in Namibia over 20 years ago. We have proven we can make high quality films that exceed clients’ expectations. Whatever the message, we are confident that we can craft a film to suit needs and budget. From script to screen we have the resources and expertise to reach the hearts and minds of your audience.

A second area of production activity is our non-commissioned films. These are television documentaries and dramas, which we produce on budgets raised from international broadcasters, grant awarding bodies, educational and cultural organisations.

One Stop Shop for International Documentary and Corporate Productions

We understand the challenges of reaching international audiences. At the same time, we have a comprehensive knowledge of Namibia. We can assist in obtaining permits issued by the Namibian Film Commission and other institutions. We have been active in the country for nearly two decades, have working knowledge of the scene, a wide range of contacts, and are fast and reliable at organizing whatever needs to happen.


An event gives you just this one opportunity to get your message out. It’s a great one - so don’t leave anything to chance: work with someone reliable. We have vast experience at event management, including inter-parliamentary hearings in a number of African countries, conferences and brand events. Talk to us if you want your event covered on film or photography.

Articles, Brochures and Books

Your engineers have provided you with a 140 page study with interesting results – but nobody is ever going to read it? How about breaking it down into a 20 page brochure or even a 1 page fact sheet? This is one of the things we love doing – and we can provide you with the print-ready layout as well.

Up and Above

Simon is a pilot and loves shooting out of planes or being strapped to helicopters to do aerial shots or photography. We also have a state-of-the-art drone and can shoot stunning aerial footage.