Getting your message out

Does your organization have important stories to tell but is no-one is getting the message? We offer expert advisory in campaigns in the form of multi-dimensional strategies that reach across target audiences, messages, and time. We can advise on how to use different challenges, support you with communication tools, and train and advise your staff to get that message out. Our skills include social media, Google Ads and many other cost-effective ways of reaching target audiences. 

Our skills are honed through decades of experience in journalism and we are also specialist in corporate communications, public relations and investor relations including annual reports and other investment documents. 

Articles, Brochures and Books

Your engineers or your finance team have provided you with a 140 page study with interesting results, but nobody is going to read it? You are an NGO working with people with great stories to tell, but lack the ways to reach the wider audience. How about breaking it down into a 20-page brochure or even a 1-page fact sheet, or a clear script for a podcast or short video? This is one of the things we love doing – and we can provide you with the print-ready layout.


Mubasen started as a film production company in Namibia over 20 years ago and has a proud history of making great films in Namibia and across Africa. Under new management since 2021, we provide management and administration skills to support Namibian and other film-makers in their projects. Mubasen has track record with international broadcasters, grant awarding bodies, educational and cultural organizations.

Celebrating Namibia’s media

Namibia is the beacon of press freedom in Africa and home of many award-winning film-makers, continuously breaking boundaries. We aim to work with other media bodies to celebrate the skills, excellence and dedication of Namibia’s media workers and film-makers.